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What is medical credentialing?

In order to guarantee optimal patient care, medical credentialing serves as a verification service to ensure that healthcare providers possess the appropriate qualifications and relevant experience to offer their services. Credentialing companies are available as a valuable resource for healthcare providers, aiding them in obtaining the necessary license verifications required to commence patient treatment.

Credentialing process for healthcare professionals
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Why is medical credentialing important?

Obtaining and verifying credentials, such as licensure or education, can often be a time-consuming process. Consequently, medical credentialing services have emerged to streamline this task. Healthcare offices and organizations can collaborate with outsourced medical credential companies to reduce the burden of administrative paperwork. By opting for these services, healthcare providers can instill patient confidence in the delivery of top-notch care.

Eliminate the challenges associated with credentialing.

Starting a new medical practice or adding a physician to your group can be especially challenging in today’s healthcare landscape. It is crucial to seek professional help early on to ensure a successful beginning. Regardless of whether you are a multi-specialty group, single-specialty group, or a solo practitioner, it is essential to entrust credentialing and start-up assistance to experts. With our team’s extensive experience and unwavering commitment, your practice is guaranteed to reap the benefits from our credentialing services. We offer a range of services designed to support your practice’s growth and success. 

Doctor's credentials and licensing for healthcare

Allow us to handle your credentialing responsibilities for you.

Facility privileges

Commercial insurance credentialing

Insurance renegotiation services

Physician licensing

Medicare credentialing

Medicaid enrollment services

Practice startup services

Review of current contacts to compare to current reimbursement levels CAQH credentialing

HIPAA: rules, standards and implementation guide

Malpractice and general liability insurance services

EHR/EPM consulting services

Meaningful use requirement management

Step #1: Completing and submitting unlimited re-credentialing applications

In order to ensure compliance with legal regulations, it is essential to fully complete and submit all re-credentialing applications.

Step #2: Following up on enrollment re-credentialing applications until processed

The subsequent phase in the contracting process would involve taking appropriate actions to inquire about the status of any prior applications you have submitted. Although this may require a certain amount of time due to the enrollment process, it is frequently essential for the purpose of re-credentialing your services.

Step #3: Monitoring expirables with CAQH and payers

Once you have submitted all the required documents and followed up on your application, it is important to monitor any potential items that may expire, including:
- Licenses - DEA certification - Malpractice insurance - Hospital privileges

Step #4: Keeping up-to-date CAQH profiles

The final step is to regularly maintain and update your CAQH profiles. It is advisable to consistently review and verify the information to ensure its timeliness and accuracy.

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