Remote Patient Monitoring Device Services

Result-driven solution.

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Monitoring Made Easy

Streamlining your patients' needs.


Effective and efficient solution.

Maximize Productivity

Let us handle patient monitoring for you.

Simplify your workload

Empowering practices to serve remote patient monitoring devices at little to no cost to manage their chronic patients while earning $720 per patient annually in additional revenue.

Instant registration: You can sign up within minutes and we’ll send you complementary test devices. No credit card required.

We enroll your patients & ship their devices: We connect to your EHR and identify eligible patients, perform consent and training, and directly ship their fully configured devices.

We keep your patients adherent & identify out of safe ranges: Our virtual nurse checks in with your patients to ensure they are testing daily. We notify you if a test is outside of a safe range.

You review patient data: We stream data from your patient’s device into your portal and send monthly reminders to review the data.

Get paid: You bill the insurer based on your standard billing practices for CPT Codes 99453, 99454, 99457, and 99458.
Smart healthcare technology for patient data tracking

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